Antenna Site Management

Allnet Wireless,LLC can manage your rooftop or tower to increase your revenue, assure proper installations, and provide expertise that you or your staff cannot provide.

Site Management
Markets your Building Rooftop or Tower to communications companies and their site acquisition managers.
Negotiates Contracts with prospective rooftop or tower tenants.
Provides pre-drafted “Lease Agreements” or “License Agreements” written by an attorney..
Negotiates all other agreements and prepares documents for the building owner’s attorney saving a significant amount of legal expense.
Evaluates the potential of your rooftop or tower space.
Discuss “Building Aesthetics” and camouflage options to comply with landlord wishes and municipal guidelines.
Accompany all prospective rooftop tenants on site evaluation walks to save building engineers and property manager’s time.
Provide Photo Simulations of antennas and equipment as it will appear after installation.

Conduct construction Site Walks to assure installation is accomplished in a proper and professional manner.
Advise prospective tenants on the building’s requirements for construction, aesthetics and any structural or electrical peculiarities.
Schedule construction with engineers and contractors.
Insure all roof top tenants and their contractors have current Insurance Certificates on file at Allnet Wireless in the required amounts.
Review all drawings, plans and photo simulations and prepare comments for review by the building property manager, engineer, and owner.
Review any revised drawings for correctness to comments.
Contact roofing consultant to review any rooftop penetrations or that may impact the warranty of a roof surface.
Require structural review by a Licensed Engineer when required.
Oversee the installation and insure that the construction is in accordance with the drawings and building regulations are observed.
Upon termination of a Site Lease or License Agreement assure tenant restores the property to its previous condition.

Collections- Receivables- Payables
Invoice tenants for monthly payments.
Provide building’s portion of received payments by 10th day of each month.
Collects any outstanding receivables.
Send notice of default to tenants.
Monitor leases for annual increases and provide notice totenants.

Contract Renewals and Modifications
Monitor and renegotiate contract extensions.
Negotiate contract modifications.

Rooftop Safety
Ensure tenant compliance with FCC rules regarding Radio Frequency (RF) emission levels and compliance with Federal Safety Regulations.
Post Notices regarding RF exposure levels and guidlines for rooftop users.
Conduct annual survey of the roof and equipment room to determine if a tenants have made any unauthorized changes to the site.

Rooftop Repairs
Coordinate repairs with rooftop tenants regarding relocation of equipment to facilitate roof repairs.

Access Control
Provide approved tenant access list of all service personnel required to access site to facilitate repairs.
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